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Meet The Team

Your Wellness Professionals

Linda Richards, Owner of Partners In Health - Health Coach 

Become the hero of your own story.

Gillian Keys - Owner of Purple Mango -  Laser and Spa Practicioner

advocates wellness for your skin and loves helping others.

Jazz Mattu, Medical Herbal Practitioner

specializes in preventative health care remedies and natural self care.

Sanatra, Specifalizes in Hot Stone Massage 

delightfully combines her unique sources of healing knowledge into a beneficial healing experience.

Wellness Coaching

Linda Richards is passionate about offering alternatives to your wellness and weight loss needs. Using wellness coaching and the U Weight Loss






Before becoming the owner/operator of Canadian-based U Weight Loss Clinic in Abbotsford, Linda worked for 20 years in Toronto in a corporate capacity. She understands the personal challenges her clients face and helps them to find balance, improve their health, and reach their goals through lifestyle changes and one-on-one coaching.

lifestyle program, her training is in psychotherapy, wellness, and nutrition. Coming from three generations of obesity, she was motivated to pursue solutions to better health and wellness.







Purple Mango - Skincare Spa and Laser 

Gillian Keys is the proud owner of Purple Mango Organic Skincare & Laser.  She merges years of experience, passion and professional skills in the beauty, fitness & wellness industries. Her interest in holistic wellness healing such




as Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and Natural herbal remedies has led her to promote and retail Canadian Certified Organic skincare products and provide a wide range of esthetic & laser services to her growing clientele.  She advocates wellness for your skin and loves helping others.  Gillian is proud to be a team member of the Partners in Health Wellness Center.

Hot Rock Massage & Healing Modalities 

Sanatra is a local healing practitioner trained in Swedish massage, hot stones, Sacral cranial, reflexology, energy medicine and reiki master for more than 25 years. She delightfully combines her unique sources of healing knowledge into a beneficial healing experience.







Sanatra is also certified in Energy Psychology, Behavioural Medicine, and Preventative Medicine, enabling her to practice interactive meditations, hypnosis, mind body alignment guidance, counselling, CCMBA and black pearl

Herbal Remedies & Live Blood Cell Analysis

Book a Live blood Cell Analysis with Jaz Mattu,  Medical Herbal Practitioner & RMT, Owner of HERBAL ELIXIR.  Jaz specializes in preventative healthcare







remedies and natural self care. He is the in house advisor for the PARTNERS IN HEALTH WELLNESS CENTER. Visit us at 

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